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Greek EQF Implementation Update

With respect to 2008/C111 Recommendation, Greece has introduced the following measures and initiatives:

  • A formal announcement of the above recommendation took place for introduction of a dialogue process focussing at the 8 level formations – in accordance to Recommendation.
  • The duration of Agricultural Studies in Greece is 5 years and the diploma obtained after the completion of studies is equivalent to an MSc postgraduate degree (Master of Science).
  • The Agricultural University has set a committee working on a study regarding the aforementioned degree equivalence. Therefore, we have documented that the graduate of Agricultural Studies should be entitled to enlist within the level 7.
  • Whereas level 6 refers to a 4 year University degree, whilst level 5 should include the degrees obtained from Technological Institutions (TEI).
  • Furthermore, the issue of agricultural and agrarian studies with respect to all educational levels has been examined in overall. The outcome was to propose the matching of each particular degree and diploma with each particular level.
  • The Geotechnical Chamber together with the Agricultural University of Athens has participated actively to all relevant discussions and for a, in close cooperation with engineers and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).
  • The Government has approved and passed the law decree on life long learning and has established the National Organization for Certification of Qualifications. (EOPP)
  • The Government and the Ministry of Education and Life Long Learning are developing rapidly the National Framework for Certification. Moreover, the Ministry the previous months organized a series of workshops, conferences and introductory meetings for the implementation of the Framework with particular emphasis to the agricultural sector.
  • Currently, all the aforementioned issues are to be further elaborated by specific working groups, which in turn are in the process of formation by the Ministry of Education and Life Long Learning. These groups will focus at describing and highlighting the multifaceted outcomes of every learning and educational process involving the agrarian and agricultural studies. The principal aim of the group’s research is to provide a coherent and efficient report on the access to agrarian and agricultural professions on the basis of qualifications.
  • It must be firmly noted that neither the Agricultural University nor the Agricultural Faculties of other greek Universities have been invited or asked to participate in these decision making processes and initiatives. The same holds true for the Geotechnical Chamber, which was not invited to formal or informal discussions. Therefore, the results are pending and we are in a stand-by position.