Cedia Board Meetings and Associated events 2000 to Date

2001-Brussels, Belgium, 22nd October (Board meeting)

2002- Brussels, Belgium, 11th January ( Board meeting)

2002- Brussels, Belgium, 2nd March (Board meeting)

2003- Kilkenny, Ireland, 14th Sept (ASA Conference / Board meeting/ Farm visits)

2004- Brussels, Belgium, 8th January (Board meeting)

2004- Bonn, Germany, 6th June (Job Services seminar)

2005- Paris, France, Feb 26th (Board meeting, Visit Paris Agricultural Fair)

2005- Rome, Italy, 28th May (Meeting with FAO representatives-cooperation / development)

2005- Brussels, Belgium 10th Sept (Board meeting)

2005- Brussels, Belgium, 3rd Dec (Extraordinary general assembly- Statutes)

2006- Limassol, Cyprus, 29th April (Visits to Cypriot Agricultural enterprises)

2006- Leuven, Belgium, 14/15 Dec (Seminar and development of Cedia strategy document)

2007- Copenhagen, Denmark, 16th June (CPD seminar visits to University and brewing industry)

2007- Leuven, Belgium, 1 Dec (Seminar CAP policy and technical issues–representation)

2008- Paris, France, 1st February (Board meeting, Visit agricultural fair)

2008- Lisbon, Portugal, 23rd May (Board, Seminar and agricultural visits)

2008- Copenhagen, Denmark, 20th Sept (Nordic Group Seminar)

2008- Madrid, Spain, 27th October (World Congress of Agricultural Scientists)

2009- Paris, France, 21st Feb (Conference planning /visit to Agricultural Fairs)

2009- Leuven, Belgium, 9th/ 10th June (Cedia / ICA conference)

2010- Berlin, Germany, 13th /15th January (Employment conference)

2010- Leuven, Belgium, 30th Sept 1st Oct (Seminar / EU representational visits)

2011- Dublin, Ireland, 17th / 18th June (Seminar Services to members)

2012- Rome, Italy, 16th/18th Feb (Board meeting, visit UN organisations FAO, WFP,)

2012- Quebec, Canada, 17th/ 24th Sept (Board meeting and World Congress of Agronomists)

2013- Belfast, Northern Ireland, 16th /18th Feb (Board, Seminar, field visits)

2013- Leuven, Belgium, 7th /8th Nov (Board & Seminar)

2014- Chania – Crete, Greece 5th / 7th (Board meeting, seminar, Field visits)

2014- Brussels 10th /11th Nov (xi Cedia /Conaf European Conference; Board meeting)

2015- Milan, Italy 22nd / 25th Feb ( Board meeting / World Congress Briefing)

2015- Milan, Italy 13th /15th May ( Opening of Agronomist Pavilion / Launch of World Congress)

2015– Leuven, Belgium, 8th / 9th July (CEDIA President speaker at IAAS World Congress)

2015-Zaragosa, Spain, 15th / 17th July ( ICA Board & Congress)

2015- Milan, Italy 14th /18th Sept (Expo2015;World Congress of Agronomists, WAA Board)

2015– Minneapolis, USA 15th / 19th November (US Congress of Agronomists, Invitation)

2016– Brussels 21st / 22nd March (Forum for the Future of Agriculture)

2016- Geneva , Switzerland,15th / 16th April ( Seminar / Visits / Board meeting)

2016- Brussels 17th / 19th May (Professional Regulation Forum)

2016– Valladolid, Spain, 26th / 28th September (ICA / ISLE Horizon Proposal)

2017– Brussels 26th / 29th March (Forum for the Future of Agriculture)

2017- Vienna, Austria, 4th / 5th May (Conference – CEDIA / ICA and Board meeting)

2017– Valladolid, Spain 22nd / 25th June (ICA / ISLE Presentation and Cost Proposal)

2017 – Perugia, Italy, 3rd / 7th July (Presentation to CONAF Congress)

2018 – Brussels, Belgium, 26th / 28th March Board Meeting and (Forum for future of Agriculture)

2018 – Berlin, Germany, 27th June- CEDIA Workshop “Renewal Process”

2018- Cordoba, Spain 15th /17th October- CEDIA & WAA Board, Conference & Agric exhibition

2019 – Brussels 5th /6th February – CEDIA- Meeting Bank; & Legal Advisors re Revision of statutes

2019 – Dublin, Ireland, 14th / 16th March – Invitation to Altech Congress & CEDIA Board meeting

2019 -Brussels 8th / 9th April – FFA (Forum for Future of Agriculture) & Meetings ICA & IAAS

2019- Washington, USA, 22nd/ 25th May- Study Visit Organised by ASA – CEDIA participation

2019- Copenhagen, Denmark 7th / 9th October – Conference – CEDIA Workshop & meetings.

2019- Matera, Italy.7th -9th November – Presentation to Conaf –XV11 Congresso Nazionale.

2020/2021-Brussels 31st March and subsequent planned meetings postponed due to Covid19.

2022- Lleida, Spain.26th /29th September EGM & Board & WAA meetings, V Congreso Nacional.