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Membership and Annual Fee

(Note: Revised Jan 2010)

The stipulations in the statutes concerning the membership of CEDIA and the annual fee to be refined as follows :


Following associations can become member of CEDIA:

a) The national associations, representing all these with degrees in Agricultural Science and Agricultural Engineering (agronomists, foresters, engineers in agro-industry, etc.) and also all those with Masters and Doctorates in agricultural Science and Agricultural Engineering and related sciences,

b) In those countries, where such a national organisation does not exist, such associations as:

  • The regional associations and the associations of agronomic engineers, these of forest engineers and/of these of engineers in related sciences,
  • The associations of graduates in agricultural and related sciences of the different universities, faculties and institutes.

c) In those countries, where the existing national association is still not a member of CEDIA, the same associations as mentioned above can become exceptionally and temporarily a member if agreed by the general assembly of CEDIA


a) National associations: 4 votes /association
b) And c) other associations: 4 votes/country

If there are more associations in a country member of CEDIA, these 4 votes will be split up between them by mutual agreement.

3 - ANNUAL FEES (Subject to Annual Review)

Fees for 2010:
National associations: 1000 Euros

Exceptions for smaller national associations with less than 500 members: € 250

Other associations:
€250 per portion of 500 Members; with a maximum of €1000 per association

Transitory measures for new associations:
National associations (500 members or over): 1st year €500; 2nd year onwards: €1000
National associations (less than 500 members): 1st year €250: 2nd year onwards: €250


Click Here to Download the Cedia Membership Form