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Cedia Links of Interest
Cedia Member Associations
BELGIUM: http://www.kviv.be/ ITALY: www.agronomi.it
CYPRUS: www.agronom.org.cy NORTHERN IRELAND: www.niias.co.uk
DENMARK: www.ja.dk PORTUGAL: www.ordemengenheiros.pt
FRANCE: www.uniagro.fr SPAIN: www.agronomoscentro.org
GERMANY: www.vdl.de/ SWITZERLAND: www.svial.ch
GREECE: www.geotee.gr UNITED KINGDOM: www.basis-reg.com
IRELAND: www.asaireland.ie  
Associate Associations  
NORWAY: www.naturviterne.no  
FINLAND: www.agronomiliitto.fi  
SWEDEN: www.agronomforbundet.se  
CZECH REPUBLIC: www.iaas.cz  
Other Professional Agricultural Associations
World Association of Agronomists - http://www.worldagronomistsassociation.org/
Association for European Life Sciences Universities (ICA) - http://www.ica-europe.info/
International Farm Management Association - http://www.ifmaonline.org/
European Society of Agronomy (ESA) - http://www.esagr.org/structure/
American Society of Agronomy - https://www.agronomy.org/
Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA) - http://www.oia.on.ca/
Australian Society of Agronomy - http://www.agronomy.org.au/
The Association of Applied Biologists Uk - http://www.aab.org.uk/
Union of European Academies for Science Applied to Agriculture, Food and Nature
Claiu - EU Directive Professionels - http://claiu.fabi.be/
European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) - http://www.eaae.org
I.S.L.E. Erasmus Network - http://www.isle-project.eu/
EU Institutions
Europa - The European Union On-Line - http://europa.eu/
The united voice of farmers in the EU: http:.//www.copa-cogeca.be
Regulations printed in the Official Journal:
Website search for EU legislation: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/oldsite/en/
EU Agriculture Information:
EU Food Quality Information: http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/quality/
EU Animal Health and Welfare Information:
EU Fisheries Information: http://ec.europa.eu/fisheries/cfp_en.htm
Euractiv EU News and Policy Debates - http://www.euractiv.com
EU Animal Health Strategy:
Agrolinker: A Portal for Students and Scholars of Agriculture and Forestry - http://www.agrolinker.com/
National Ministries for Agriculture
EU Member States: Candidate countries:
  - Vlaamse Gemeenschap
  - Région Wallonne
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Bulgaria Croatia
Czech Republic Turkey
Estonia Others:
Ireland United States
Greece Canada
Spain Australia
France New Zealand
Italy Japan
Cyprus South Africa
Latvia Russian Federation
Lithuania Belarus
Luxembourg Ukraine
Hungary Norway
Malta Iceland
Netherlands Switzerland
United Kingdom  
International Organisations
United Nations - See Full List
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): http://www.fao.org/
United Nations Web Site Locator - http://www.unsystem.org/
World Trade Organization (WTO): http://www.wto.org/
Planet -Agri: International portal for professionals in the agricultural sector - http://www.planet-agri.com/
Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - http://www.iica.int
IPPC - the International Plant Protection Convention - https://www.ippc.int/
The International Grassland Congress - http://www.internationalgrasslands.org/
The International Grains Council - http://www.igc.int/
IAAS - International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences -
European Landowners Organisation - http://www.europeanlandowners.org/
ILSI (International Life Sciences Institute) Europe - http://www.ilsi.org/europe
The Joint Research Programming Initiative on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change (FACCE-JPI) - http://www.faccejpi.com/
Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences - http://www.gchera.com
Other Useful Links
Food a Fact of Life: http://www.foodafactoflife.org.uk
British Nutrition Foundation - http://www.nutrition.org.uk
The Oxford Farming Conference: http://www.ofc.org.uk
The Royal Society: http://royalsociety.org/
Agriculture Directory: http://www.agriculturedir.com
The CAP Reform Blog: http://capreform.eu
Soil Science Association of America (ASA): http://www.soils.org
European Association for Potato Research (EAPR): http://www.eapr.net
European Association for Plant Breeding Research (EUCARPIA): www.eucarpia.org
European Association of Animal production ( EAAP): http://www.eaap.org
European Crop Protection Association (ECPA): http://www.ecpa.eu
European Seed Association (ESA): http://www.euroseeds.org
International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA): http://www.idfa.org
International Dairy Federation (IDF): http://www.fil-idf.org
International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAG): http://www.ifaj.org
National Links of Interest
To Contact Cedia Email: info@cedia.eu